PAYMENT (required)
A full payment is required before design work begins. The grant of any license is conditioned on receipt of full payment. Invoices are sent via Paypal.
The Client shall assume responsibility for cost outlays by designer in all collections of unpaid fees and of legal fees necessitated by default in payment. Invoices in default will include but are not limited to fees for collection and legal costs.
Stock images are licensed for commercial use from or The Designer, nor Client own the copyright of these images, and as such there are limitations to their use. Essentially, the Client can use the images for the book cover, and advertisements promoting the book. The Client cannot use the images on products, such as mugs, mousepads, journals, without purchasing an Extended License. Only fonts available for commercial use will be used on the project. Font and stock image copyrights and licenses cannot be transferred to the Client.
REVISIONS (required)
Revisions are limited to two mock-ups. Once a mock-up has been approved, there will be three rounds of revisions allowed. Any additional revisions will be an extra charge of $25. Once revisions are done, the final files will be delivered to the Client. Revisions include but are not limited to: color changes, background changes, typography changes, blurb changes, and image changes. The Designer reserves the right to charge for change requests made after the delivery of final files and/or after three rounds. Changes will be charged at an hourly rate of $25/hr. There is an additional charge of $25 to change blurbs or anything else on the cover AFTER FINAL DELIVERY of FILES.
Expenses (required)
Stock Photography fees are included within the price of your book cover. If the Client requires specialty or exclusive stock images, the Client is responsible for any additional costs specialty/boutique stock incurs.
Cancellation/Refund (required)
In the event of a cancellation of this assignment, ownership of all copyrights and the original artwork shall be retained by the Designer. Requests for refunds must happen before the delivery of final files. Designer retains ownership of all copyrights in the event of a refund. Designer reserves the right to reuse rejected and/or refunded proofs/concepts for other clients or pre-made covers. Refunds are 50% nonrefundable
Final Files (required)
Final files will be delivered at JPEG Hi-Res (ebook) and PDF (for full wrap/print covers). Layered PSD files will not be available to Client unless discussed with Designer and a fee is paid.
Credit Lines (required)
The Designer shall receive a credit line on the copyright page. Credit line should read as: Wildheart Graphics
Signature (required)
By typing my name below, I agree that this is my electronic signature. Electronic signatures shall be considered legal and binding.